Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some art influences of Tremain Smith

Watching this video will tell you what Tremain's work is all about!!

Currently, you can find her work at the Rosenfeld Gallery
in Philadelphia and at the Somerhill Gallery in Durham, North Carolina.

The Search for Reason
2009 Oil, wax & collage on panel 30" x 44"

Primal Matter, 2009 Acrylic & collage on paper 15" x 20.5"

Finding Home,
2008 Oil, wax & collage on panel 24" x 27"


Tremain Smith uses a mixed-media technique composed of layers of oil glazes, collaged elements and transparent beeswax fused by an open flame or an iron. She seals wood panels with wax and applies color by adhering cloth and paper with the transparent wax and alternating this with layers of oil paint.

Smith uses the grid as her departure point. From this basis she moves freely. This structure is a metaphor: her core stands intact as she moves and evolves. The lines and planes are bridges or passageways; doors, walls and floor plans to inner realities. They become mappings of the unseen as she seeks to visually manifest access to the spiritual.

Historical influences on Smith's work come from the Abstract Expressionists. She finds inspiration from artists whose work express emotion and freedom in mark-making such as Joan Snyder, and in work reflecting inner purity and restraint such as that of Agnes Martin. Both these influences convey a concern for expressing the spiritual through painting.

2009 Acrylic, collage & pencil on panel
10 x 10"

Here are some influences -

Agnes Martin
Joan Snyder
Richard Diebenkorn
Cy Twombley
Robert Rauschenberg
Eva Hesse
Louise Bourgeois
Barbara Hepworth
Terry Winters
Rene Stout

Circle of Love
2009 Acrylic, collage & pencil on panel 12 x 12"


Nancy Natale said...

Great post, Lisa. Many thanks to Tremain for sharing her process and the video.

Linda Celestian said...

Lisa, Thank you for sharing this. I love Tremain Smith, she's one of my influences.

Art Trip said...

>expressing the spiritual through painting

I like this approach and her paintings. Thanks for posting

evan said...


Compelling work! "Finding Home" is my favorite but can't way why - something about the way it "feels" grabs me. The technique is fascinating... I will have to try working with beeswax!



Lori Olson said...

Hi Lisa,

I've enjoyed looking at your paintings and love the artists you stated as your influences. I too, share many of the same influences!Joan Snyder has always been one of my favoites for many years. There is a new painter you may want to check out ...have you heard of Eliot Hundley? He has a lovely painterly sensibility you may enjoy looking at.
I like your paintings!
Lori Olson