Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Collector Pat Bell's Favorite NJ Artists to Watch

here excerpt from Park Place Magazine written by Susan Brierly

“I love new things, and always find a spot for the pieces I love,” says Pat Bell. “When I’m surrounded by all this wonderful work, it’s like living with the souls of the artists.”
Each month, as fresh—and sometimes massively large artwork—arrives at her home, Gabrielle Pulls, Bell’s housekeeper of 17 years, equips herself with an electric drill, a level, and a keen eye. As pieces leave the home, they often are loaned or contributed to non-profit organizations, such as the South Orange Performing Arts Center.
“I’m fortunate to live in this state because we have so many wonderful artists,” says Bell. “I like what’s in my backyard.” To keep au courant with the local art scene, get acquainted with some of her favorites:
Willie Cole, Mine Hill, multi-dimensional

Tom Nussbaum, Montclair, sculptor
(—profiled on page 46
Claire Rosen, Montclair, photographer

Margaret Murphy, Jersey City, painter (

Lisa Pressman, West Orange, painter

Marcia Kure, Princeton, painter/collage artist

Wayne Roth, Mountain Lakes, digital artist/photographer (

Nancy Tobin, Maplewood, collage painter ((

Dan Fenelon, Madison, painter

Jordan Eagles, Short Hills, painter/installationist (

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