Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chinese Painting Workshop

I recently attended a one day workshop on Chinese Painting at the George Segal Gallery, taught by Professor Zhiyuan Cong, a wonderful painter and the head of the Printmaking Program at William Paterson University, NJ.

I am always telling my students to relax, be patient with themselves while they learn something new and here I found myself tense and frustrated. What a humbling experience.

Professor Cong over his blank rice paper


He doesn't speak when he demos, all is quiet and we watched as this unfolded.

The "four treasures"
1.Chinese brush
3.rice paper

4. ink table

The quality of the line, the brush stroke and the variation of values from the ink was impressive.

He is beginning his fish which symbolizes happiness.

Here is Professor Cong's Orchid

and mine.......

From my notes:
Ink painting is write idea painting.
Writing is freeing to express your ideas.

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Nancy Natale said...

This is great, Lisa. Thanks for posting. It must take a lot of work to be relaxed but focused when making the strokes and to master the brush. Good luck in your efforts.