Saturday, September 10, 2011

Using Mixed Media to Discover Your Voice, Part 3


My favorite part of any workshop is the end. It is the time when everyone gets to look at what they have accomplished and also what the entire group accomplished. We talk about process, we talk about formal elements and most importantly  talk about content. Are any of these works finished? The million dollar question. I would say, in most cases, no, but they are research to take back to the  studio.

I am pointing something out to Andy.

Here is she is. Her love of light and an abstracted landscape was apparent.

Barbara used her one minute drawings as a spring board to develop these  beautifully subtle  pieces.

Connie apologized  for her graphic one minute drawings. I said "Are you crazy? If that is what you do then go for it"
And she did with the exciting three pieces below the drawings. Freedom !

I saw maps/mapping in Deborah's work the first day and that sparked the above work.

Denise came with  specific imagery in mind for a book project. Here you can see the gravestone image emerging.

Julie's lyrical works reference stones and landscape.

Karen's love for textiles, organic forms and light are featured in her work here.

Lorraine worked very quietly and slowly creating these pieces. The top one in particular has such an interesting use of negative space, edge and line. It  is one of those pieces that reveals more as you look at it.

I blew up Maryellen's photo because all of her pieces were small. Small, but packed with luscious paint, surface and glimmers of light. Gems.

Pam had a great time painting and painting over. I am looking forward to seeing what happens with the triptych. You can't see it in this photo but there are layers of light and beautifuly quiet markings.

Patricia brought and did a tremendous amount of work. This is only half of the pieces she was working on. She is working out lots of ideas and it will interesting to see how she synthesizes them into her work.

This was my demo piece which I started in April at the R&F workshop. I brought it out to do a demo, and ended up adding that purple square on the left. Although it got a lot of oohs  and ahs

from the "crowd", I took it out. The piece is still percolating.

Here is the group! 

Thanks Cheri for inviting me to teach at Castle Hill.

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Nancy Natale said...

It's great to see the work your students made, Lisa! I know it's hard to make any "real" work during a workshop, but a lot of these look finished or next to it. I'm sure you gave everyone plenty to think about and different ways to see their own work. That is so important since seeing our own work is so hard to do. Wonderful documentation of the workshop!

Kate P. Miller said...

Great to see the work produced in the workshop individually, but even better to hear your sesitive responses.

Kate P. Miller said...

Great to see the work done in a workshop, but even greater to read your sensivive commentary to each one. You must be a wonderful teacher.

Sue said...

Wonderful documentation of work produced during your workshop. Great to see how the different initial ideas developed and also how the different styles were developed.
You must be an excellent teacher and I'd love to take part in a workshop with you. Do you ever teach in the UK?

lisa said...

I am always improving in the teaching department but this a great combination of people, place and energy.

Sue I don't have anything planned for the UK .....yet. Possibly Ireland.

Lisa SB said...

Great documentation of your experience, as well as your students. Nice progression from the black and white studies, to the color work, and then evaluations.
Lisa Sisley-Blinn

Jacqui Dodds said...

Thank you Lisa for showing us the processes and finished artwork from your workshop - makes me want to have a go.