Sunday, May 3, 2009


A year ago I was included in the New Talent Show at Rosenfeld Gallery in Philadelphia.

Since then I have been back and forth from NJ several times. What a great place - a city with many visual contrasts. There are a few galleries that I try to visit when I go-Gallery Joe , Larry Becker, Bridgette Mayer GAllery . I went with fellow artist Pam Farrell who lives close to Philly to see her show at the Ruth Morpeth Gallery in Hopewell,NJ Then we went to First Friday and met several artists including Michele Marcuse ,whose work was is showing at the Painted Bride Art Center and
Tim Mc Farlane at the opening of his show at Bridgette Mayer. Great art, nice people-a community!
I think I have been living under my rock too long! More about that later.

By the way, last Sunday I went to the Cezanne and Beyond show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art which blew me away. Brice Marden, Giacometti, Matisse,Picasso, Ellsworth Kelly, Jasper Johns ,(many more) and the influence of Cezanne on their work.

Very smart, informative and inspiring exhibition!


Karen Jacobs said...

Lucky you to have such art within reach! Love your work, look forward to seeing more as it develops. The blog format is wonderfully malleable and will grow and morph with your own impulses... the best way!

lisa said...

Thanks, Karen

Nancy Natale said...

Hi Lisa,
I think we met at the conference last year in Joanne/Shawn's crit class. Congratulations on entering the blog world. I've been enjoying it although it is that one more thing that has to be done. Best wishes for enjoying it!