Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Materiality and Mark-making in Abstraction

Materiality and Mark-making in Abstraction

 was curated from a class taught by Jeff Hirst and Lisa Pressman in July of 2020.

The 5-day workshop  featured three live days and two days of individual feedback where we  focused on each individual participant’s work, fine-tuning content, intention and technique. 
The goal of the class was to have a transformation happen in the studio..The workshop included: 
One conference call  individual work with both artists
Five days of creating with three directed study days with Lisa and Jeff
critique with Chicago gallery owner, Dan Addington    
Individual and group discussions 

We are planning another workshop in September. Limited Seating
Please email for information.

This exhibition covers a wide cross section of work including gestural abstraction, reductive minimalism, abstract figurative painting and sculptural installations. The art  in the exhibition includes paintings using complex color structure along side monochromatic palettes that work together well as a whole. Delicate passages contrast robust physical surfaces playing together to create a dialogue much like a musical ensemble works with contrasting musicians. Each artist in the exhibition has created work reflective of their involvement with process and materials.

   Barbara Nohinek, Cairn, 24x18 in, acrylic, 2020

Barbara Nohinek, Chromatic Code, 30x24 in, acrylic, 2020

  Caroline Young, Navigating, 21"x32", oil and cold wax, 2020

       Caroline Young, Tethered, 18"x24", oil and cold wax, 2020

          Carrie Belk, Marionettes, 16" x 16", oil and cold wax on panel, 2020

     Carrie Belk, Scream, 12" x 12", oil and cold wax on panel, 2020

            Cindy Lesperance, Strata 8362, 12x12, encaustic on panel, 2019

                Cindy Lesperance, Strata 8368, 12x12, encaustic on panel, 2019

                             Cindy Walton, Construct 14, 17x18, oil, cold wax, corrugated cardboard,                                 
                                    arches oil paper, linen thread, 2020

Cindy Walton, Favela 1, 11x10, oil, cold wax, arches oil paper, linen thread, 2020

                    Clare Kennedy Jorgensen, Il Sogno (the Dream), 36 x 24 x 2 inches,                 
                        encaustic, graphite, infrastructure canvas panel, 2020

                     Clare Kennedy Jorgensen, Dancing in the Bog, 36 x 36 x 1.5, oil,                     
                        cold wax, burnt peat, Infrastructure canvas panel, 2020

  Dana Killion, Do You See Me, 18 x 18, oil on panel, 2019

  Dana Killion, Fenced In, 24 x 24, acrylic on canvas, 2020

Deborah Sayre, Bounce, 12” x 16”, encaustic/silkscreen, 2020

     Deborah Sayre, Brainloop, 8” x 8”, encaustic/silkscreen, 2020

       Deborah Peltz, Let it Fly, 22” x 30", plaster, acrylic, 2020

        Deborah Peltz, Stand Up, 30” x 44”, plaster, acrylic, crayon, india ink, 2020

Woolley, MoreThanYouBargainedFor, 36x36, encaustic,2020

WoolleyS, Swept Away, 36x36, encaustic, 2020

                 Donna M Horn, Blues for JR 24 x 24,  oil & cold wax on panel, 2020

               Donna M Horn, Pink in Peril  22 x 30; oil & cold wax on paper, 2020

Joan Stuart Ross, Aggregation, 22.25"x30", ink, collage, acrylic on rag paper, 2020

         Joan Stuart Ross, Wrack My Mind, 22.25"x30", ink, collage, pastel on rag paper, 2020

                    Karen Buttwinick, The Race Relations Puzzle, 10"x10", encaustic, 2020

                     Karen Buttwinick, Turbulence, 22" x 37", encaustic monotype, 2020

  Kathy Elliott, Untethered, 24x24, acrylic, 2020

                   Kathy Elliott, Out of the Darkness, 22x18, mixedmedia, 2020

 Laura Seligman, Between Two Worlds, 7“ x 5”, oil and mixed media on paper, 2020

           Laura Seligman, Above and Below, 7” x 5”, oil and mixed media on paper, 2020

             Lisa McGavock, DevelopThe In, 10”x14”, oil and wax on paper, 2020

                    Lisa McGavock, Forty Dimension, 21”x29”, oil and wax on paper, 2020

Lori Niland Rounds, Emergence, 32x20”, layered encaustic monotypes, 2020

Lori Niland Rounds, The Shape of Things to Come, 12x12”, encaustic with pigment stick print, 2020

Lynne Gillan, Jelly Roll M, 10" x 8" x 1.5", encaustic and wood on panel, 2020

Lynne Gillan, Moanin, 10" x 8" x 1.5", encaustic and wood on panel, 2020

  Mara Manning, Lessons on setting the table,32 x 40,
                    oil and cold wax mixed media, r&f pigment stick, art graf and dye stain on         i                    infrastructure canvas, 2020

Mara Manning, Let go now or fall, 32 x 32, oil and cold wax, mixed media and r&f pigment stick on Infrastructure canvas, 2020

 Mary Meuwissen , Blue,  30 x 30, oil/cold wax, 2020

    Mary Meuwissen, Bedrock, 19 x 30, oil/cold wax, 2020

                 Marybeth Rothman, Quarantine Portrait One, 18x18x2, encaustic, 2020

Marybeth Rothman, Quarantine Portrait Two, 18x18x2, encaustic, 2020

       Meg Walling, Endless Swells, 36” x 36”, acrylic, 2020

        Meg Walling, Listening, 30” x 30”, oil cold wax on panel, 2020

             Melissa RianDistance 1, 60” x 36” x 36”, encaustic, rebar, wire, wood, paper, 2020

Melissa RianRed thread that Binds 1, 60” x 24” x 6”, encaustic, rebar, wire, wood, paper, 2020

                Michele Thrane, Form and Void., 24"x24", encaustic monotype on panel, 2020

 MicheleThrane, Singularity and Companion, 24"x28", cut encaustic monotypes, staples, screws, wood, 2020

                           Susan Byrnes, Mo dearth`ir II, 28”X 20” oil, cold wax and Ink, 2019

   Susan Byrnes, Philia, 26”X20” oil, cold wax and ink, 2019

Susan Paladino, Moon Trip, 10.5 x 10.5, encaustic with mixed media on paper, 2020

Susan Paladino, Objectivity, 10 x 14, cold wax and mixed media on paper, 2020

                    Terri Yacovelli, Choice and Chance, 24x30, encaustic on panel, 2020 

Terri Yacovelli, For It’s Own Sake, 12 x 12, Encaustic on panel, 2019


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