Monday, May 11, 2009

What artists have influenced you and how? Leslie Neumann

Ghost Swamp 45 x37 encaustic and oil Leslie Neumann

I have had the pleasure of knowing Leslie since 1984.We had been in touch off and on for many years. Just recently we have reconnected and I am very happy to have her list of influences and her work on the blog.

Here is an excerpt from her statement:
"My home and studio are located on the Gulf of Mexico, where I’m surrounded by more than 14,000 acres of coastal wilderness. I hear no traffic, and at night I listen to the mullet jump, while seeing stars reflected in the water. All of this beauty has inspired and influenced me as a painter.

But my process and medium – encaustic (hot wax) and oil paint -- are equally influential. The wax is applied with a brush while it is still hot, and after it congeals, I scrape through to reveal other layers of color, incising pictographs, words, and marks into the wax. The encaustic is used to its full advantage to provide textural and sensual surfaces, while the images themselves are emotional landscapes."

Mist 40 x36 encaustic and oil Leslie Neumann

Artists whom I respect and admire:
1. cave art
2. Van Gogh
3. Cezanne
4. Picasso
5. Rembrandt
6. George Inness
7. Bruce Nauman
8. Squeak Carnath
9. Ida Applebroog
10. Gregory Gillespie
11. Russell Thurston
12. Sandy Winters
13. De Kooning

Leslie Neumann


Betsy said...

Gorgous work~

Jeane said...

wonderful work by your friend Leslie

Ann Tracy's said...

Leslie does great work! I'm here from the linked in blog site... hope you get a chance to visit my blog

Anonymous said...

Also found you via Linked In. Leslie's work is beautiful. I liked your first blog post too. Many of us spend too much time thinking about it before we finally jump in!

Zappha said...

Excellent encaustic work. Very impressive.

jim puzinas said...

I found you on LinkedIn. Nice work and colorful blog. I like many or the artists on your list.