Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What artists have influenced you ? Deborah T. Colter

Deborah T. Colter is an artist I have come across in my travels with twitter, facebook and just plain internet research. She is a mixed media artist and has two exhibitions coming up: featured artist at the Cousen Rose Gallery, Martha's Vineyard and a group show at Water Street Gallery , Douglas, Michigan.

"Mapping Out Bliss" 40" x 48" work on canvas

"I think of my paintings as un-still lives, at once frozen and in motion. I focus on the concept of capturing a moment of thought, purely through my visual language. I strive to capture the fleeting memories and images that travel rapidly through the mind and represent these thoughts in the layers of color, texture and repeating marks within the work. My language is an abstract collection of marks, textures and color, repeating shapes and forms, with which I seek to find a balance of chaos and harmony. Often these marks will reflect architectural landscapes, roads, maps, repeated patterns, or colors as if seen from above or as recalled from within, a sort of visual record book of the mind."

Robert Rauschenberg - for his continual work with collage and paint
Richard Diebenkorn - for his use of space and line structures
Mark Rothko - for his use of color
Pablo Picasso - for everything he created
VanGogh for living, color, line, passion, energy, emotion
Jackson Pollack - for his desperate joy
Henri Matisse for his spirit and color
Amedeo Modigliani
- his odd quirky portraits

"Ordinary Spectacle" 36" x 48" work on canvas

Henri de Toulouse
-Lautrec his oils and lithographs
Alberto Giacometti - his sculptures of walkers
Paul Klee for his whimsy and composition
Tony Magar
- the space paintings for his depth of color, texture and energy
Sharon Booma
- love her use of color & balance
Glen Ossiander
- for his freedom, emotion & joy in the work
Paul Baumer
- especially the cityscapes for his whimsy and color
Doug Trump
- for his incorporation of line, color and composition

"Pieces of Imagination" 30" x 30" work on canvas


Diana said...

I was lucky to find out about Deborah's paintings from another blogger. There is something about the work that affects me greatly but I can't describe it.

It's as if everything is going on at once in time and space. It inspires a memory but I can't quite catch it. Maybe a place I've been, something I've seen. Yes, these paintings make me remember...but what?

Deborah said...

Thank you for highlighting my work this week Lisa. I love that you have started your blog with such a great question and it is fun to see the different responses you are getting! It is good to step back once in a while and remember the painters/people that have been an influence. Thank you for giving me a chance to do this! [of course everyday I am recalling more and more...]

"I have been influenced by paintings I have seen in books, and in museums, not because they defined success but because they suggested possibilities." -Eleanor Blair