Tuesday, August 25, 2009

West of Chelsea: Lisa Pressman

Recently, artist and writer Nancy Tobin visited my studio for a chat and a tour:

"During a recent tour of her studio, Ms. Pressman, who is from West Orange, showed me work from as far back as high school. It’s a privilege to get this kind of glimpse into the inner sanctum of an artist: the sketches, the stacks of paintings lining the walls — a living journal of an artist’s life."
You can read the rest here:


layers said...

great interview--- it is always interesting to find out where an artist started from and their transitions. I started out as a transparent watercolor landscape painter and over the years changed to mixed media non-objective whatever medium and even assemblage. People tell me they can still see the landscape in my work--- I think I can see the pottery influence in yours.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I enjoyed your interview Lisa - how you juggle art, life and family. I also am enjoying your latest creative endeavor - your blog.

Anonymous said...

Good photo, positive article that was an interesting read - what a great result all up. And lovely to see a local paper doing good local news. My husband and I publish a local monthly newspaper and we only do good news - because we can LOL