Tuesday, September 15, 2009

John Tallman's art influences

So What 24" x 24", pigment and resin

I try to keep my commentary to a minimum(if you hadn't noticed) but with Tennessee artist John Tallman's work I just have to say-I like it. I like the reductive quality, the lushness,the thingness and his sense of humor. The pieces always remind me of something......that I just can't put a name on. But this piece above reminds me of the candy-Dots. Also, if you are not familiar with his blog Color Chunks, check it out.

picture 6: acrylic on plaster, 7"x3.5", 2008.

My art now seems to be in one of those transitions. Maybe that is actually always the case and now I’m just more aware of it. A very good friend of mine(a painter) said in his statement he wanted to de-mystify painting. I thought about that and I decided I wanted to do was to re-mystify painting. There are certain dualities that painting can examine excellently because of its limited format. “The picture” can frame particular contradictions in a way that no other medium can.

Arcadian Landscape: acrylic on wood, 4"x7", 2009.


Top Ten Current and Past Influences(in no particular order):
Robert Ryman(for method).
Eva Hesse(for making).
Richard Tuttle(for romance).
Thomas Demand(for (dis)placement).
Gunther Forg(for economy).
Philip Guston(for drawing).
Marcel Duchamp(for humor).
Bill DeKooning(for lusciousness).
Blinky Palermo(for engagement).
Herman Melville(for the whiteness).
Chzfb pigment and resin, 24"x24", 2009


Gwendolyn Plunkett said...

I think I wanna take a bite of the yellow one!

Stephanie Clayton said...

"Arcadian Landscape" is really luscious. Reminds me of home, of surfboards, of all things Caribbean.
Tallman's Color Chunks blog is pure delight--color as a thing in itself.

Barbara Cowlin said...

I love Steven Alexander's work–have been following his Studio & Journal sites for some time. The new work appears to be quite a departure. It reminds me a bit of his Color Chunks. It'll be interesting to see how they evolve.

I was pleased to have something of mine shown in last March's Color Chunks! Love seeing what he and others come up with for this blog.

DJ said...

Just popped over from Rebecca Crowell's blog, and love your photos. I look forward to seeing more...

lisa said...

Thanks< DJ