Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brenda Goodman's Art Influences

"Burial" oil on wood 52x56 2010

"Hard Choice" oil on wood 60x64 2010

The other day these images appeared on facebook. They are artist, Brenda Goodman's most recent paintings. She has posted them on her new blog. These paintings are the gutsiest, most heart felt paintings I have seen in a long, long time.

"Crossing Over" oil on wood 60x64 2009

She says,
"these are the influences that first come to mind."

Rembrandt Soutine Dekooning
GustonBaconTerry Winters
Hans Josephsohn

"Escape" oil on wood 52x56 2010

DB: A lot of people talk about Guston being important for their work, especially people of my generation, but you had an actual relationship with him.
BG: He really liked my work and we exchanged a few letters. But the thing about Guston, as with de Kooning, and as with Gorky, Soutine, and Dubuffet, which were the big ones in my life––then Morandi later on––you have a connection to them. You’re on the same wavelength, or whatever you want to call it. You have this affinity with certain artists and there’s a reason why you’re influenced by them, because there’s something of them already inside you.


Liliana Lucki said...

Muy interesantes trabajos.

Investigar es un juego fantástico.

Nancy Natale said...

Lisa, I have been aware of Brenda's work and so impressed by its strength and power. These paintings are so moving. Thanks for posting her work. She is so right about the affinity between artists and the sharing of sensibilities.

jeanswain said...


I just discovered your blog - it's wonderful. I am so glad to see Brenda Goodman's recent paintings posted. I have followed her work for many years; she is a most incredible painter. Her work speaks so intimately, and yet it's full of deep, universal archetypes; private symbols. These paintings are powerful, stirring, remarkable. I look forward to following your blog and looking through it's archive.
-Jean Horton, painter

Jeff said...

Nice post about some really terrific paintings! Brenda Goodman's direct approach is wonderful and refreshing.
Speaking of Guston I read a book a while back about him...Night Studio by Musa Mayer( his daughter) and it was a nice read on his life/work.