Monday, July 26, 2010

Let's be serious about having fun

For some reason I said "The only thing we should be serious about is having fun" on the first day of a five day encaustic painting workshop at Peter's Valley, NJ. It became our mantra. Someone wrote it down and we stuck it on the dart board. It was a good one considering we were working in 90 degree weather, in an open air studio with heat guns and 200 degree palettes.

The Setting

The Studio

I have found that my favorite time in the teaching process is at the end of the class or workshop when the work goes up for " Show and Tell". (In these settings I don't call it a critique.) I am always amazed, whether it is a one day, five day or eight week class, how each student's work develops.

The work

Marcia Branca

Francine Levesque

Geralyn Robinson

Krista Svalbonas

Georgeann Blaha

Mary Ann Plummer

Kate English

Here are a few pieces I began while I was there.

And the two that were donated for the Peter's Valley Sunday auction.


Lynette Haggard said...

what a FUN selection of work from your students! And it looks like the setting was stupendous. Thank you for sharing this. I always need a reminder that having fun needs to be a priority!

Jeane said...

wonderful post Lisa - the night photos are gorgeous - loved seeing each person's work - all so unique and individual, and yes! 'serious about having fun!' :)

J. Nodine said...

Looks like a marvelous experience for everyone involved. I enjoyed looking in the working studio, getting a chance to see the lovely setting outside, and seeing the results of each person's work at the conclusion. Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

informative and interesting post. what a great setting! it definitely looks like some serious fun was had while working.

J. Nodine said...

Lisa, This is a marvelous setting and by the work produced, there is clear evidence of good energy between the group. Thanks for posting this experience.