Sunday, July 18, 2010

Outside/ Inside Part 3

Here are a few more contributions to the Outside/Inside collection.

Jo Reimer

Here’s my Outside Inside contribution with a shot taken through my studio window into my back yard. All I see is trees and sky. We grow trees for the wholesale trade so trees fill my life, for pleasure and for livelihood. Therefore, trees fill often inform my art. Besides that, I live in Oregon which is all about trees.

Marie Danti

I am fascinated by your inside/outside idea, as I often wonder how much of my natural "wooded" environment affects my painting. Am sending two photos that seem apropos: photo outside my window of a spring snow & a painting of the "indie" band SilverSun Pickups.

Lorrie Fredette

Today is a sleepy, dewy, slightly hazy Hudson Valley morning. I thought it was a great time to shoot the view from my doorway. The window view, not so good. I am also sending an image from my current installation. I think it has a decent correlation.

David Miller

I think about this topic often since I work in a small basement with a low ceiling. There is no view unless I open the bilco doors. That isn't too often because of the weather. This has also affected the size of my pieces. I used to work much larger when I had space. I didn't work at all for a while because the lack of space and windows drove me crazy. I have finally adapted and I really enjoy my current work even though a window with a view would be welcome.


Marie said...

Thanks so much for posting my photos. All the new ones look great, and the connection between inside and outside apparent. I am intrigued by this topic.

davidtmiller said...

Thank you for posting my photos also. I was away on vacation and this was an exciting discovery. I appreciate the opportunity to participate.