Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Outside/ Inside Part 2

Here are a few more images for Part 2
As I was putting together the final touches on my "Inside the Encaustic Studio" presentation, I began to notice an interesting connection between the outside and the inside of most of the artist's studios.For future blog posts and possibly another project, I invite you to email me 2 jpegs (72 dpi): one of the view outside your window and the other an image of your work. Please include your website url.Send to art@lisapressman.net

It might be a stretch but today, as I was looking out my window, thinking I didn't fit into my post, I caught an eye of my tangled shade pull......

Brenda Goodman's rocks and trees

The sky of Annell Livingston


annell said...

Thanks for posting my outside and my work. I think "place" is very important in our work.

Seth said...

Really interesting observation and so fascinating to see the examples you have shared.