Sunday, August 8, 2010

Outside/Inside Part 4

Barbara Fisher

"train tracks right outside my studio door....I mean right outside.....very loud all day long. most of the cars are carrying wood chips to the paper mills west of Asheville
Draw your own conclusions! no pun intended." "Taking Up Space" 30 x 36 oil and charcoal on canvas

Tim McFarlane

Here are two shot for you. A view outside of my studio window. It's on the fourth floor of a building in the Old City section of Philadelphia. The church on the left is the historic Christ Church. The painting is a recent piece titled, "Daydream Drift", 2010, acrylic on panel, 24" x 24". Here is the link for my art blog"

Recently I visited my pal
Marie Vickerilla as she was getting ready for her show at the Chace-Randall Gallery. I couldn't resist taking these two shots.

Red-Blue oil on canvas, 34 x 32


Jeane said...

love this series Lisa :)

lisa said...

Thanks Jeane,
I like it too

annell said...

I love this red and blue! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Love that last one; I saw the connection instantly.