Friday, August 27, 2010

Upcoming Workshops

Rooms of Anais Nin, encaustic 28 x24 L Pressman

It is almost the end of the summer, amazing isn't?
There is still time to see:

"Reality & Artifice" 2010 New Jersey Arts Annual: Fine Art New Jersey State Museum through Oct0ber 31, 2010

And time to plan on taking some workshops or classes for the fall.
I am booking for private time in my studio in West Orange,NJ
4 hour blocks of time.
Encaustic, pigment sticks. painting.
Email for details :
Encaustic Workshop
Sunday,September 26th

Geralyn's Art Studio
Maplewood ,NJ
973-275-1966 for registration details
Beginning Encaustic Workshop
Sunday, October 3rd
Visual Arts Center
Summit, NJ
908-273-9121 for registration details
Advance Encaustic Workshop
Sunday, October 19th
Visual Arts Center
Summit, NJ
908-273-9121 for registration details
8 week encaustic classes begin at Center for Visual Arts in September
908-273-9121 for registration details


Janet said...

I love this piece and the title.

Your blog does not read well at all if someone is looking at it through a reader (I use google reader) one loses the type. The art comes through fine.

Just FYI for you if that matters to you - I love the grey background (I do click through to read your blog on your sight).

Pete Hoge said...

I like your fotos in the
last post. I have done some
texture studies and found
them to superior to some
abstractions I have seen.

I enjoyed your show at the
Richard Rosenfeld gallery
months ago.


Anonymous said...

I just subscribed to your blog and enjoyed these last posts very much. As Janet mentioned, when viewed through Google Reader, the font color is too light and unreadable. I'm glad I clicked through to get to your blog directly, but others might not. Hope this helps.

Abby Creek Art said...

Love this piece, Lisa!