Sunday, September 19, 2010

Claudia Sperry's Influences and Favorites

Here is Claudia Sperry's work. Her solo show at Oxbow Gallery, Northampton, MA opens October 1.

Untitled, 2010, oil on wood, 48 x 48

An excerpt from an essay by David Gibson:
"The works of Claudia Sperry communicate a depth of meaning beyond mere appearance. They speak of the struggle to achieve meaningful form, a role that only the artist is prepared to fulfill. Sperry has developed an aesthetic that combines the conscious and unconscious qualities of painterly expression, giving each painting a memory of its own, and a dynamic borrowed from her precursors, the alchemists. Place one color next to another, read the signs, build a form that accrues in portent
as it adds to an oeuvre. It’s not about analysis, her work, but about feeling our way through an experience. Ambiguity is her greatest tool. She speaks not to the viewer, but to the painting, asking it questions which it refuses to answer. The truth is that meaning follows beauty, the rest is silence."

Untitled, 2010, Oil on Wood 11 x14

Influences and favorites



Amy Sillman


Judy Pfaff



Per Kirkeby


Jane Hammond

Pat Steir

Eva Hesse

Untitled, 2010, Oil on Wood   36 x 36

View from Claudia's studio

Untitled, 2010, oil on wood,  48 x 48


Nancy Natale said...

I like Claudia Sperry's work a lot - great color and composition. And I especially liked looking at Jane Hammond's website.

I see some kinship to your own work, Lisa. Thanks for posting.

Pete Hoge said...

beautiful...thank you for

Mary said...

I am a huge Claudia's paintings fan. She is a big inspiration for me to paint!

Jacqui Dodds said...

Thank you for the introduction to Claudia Sperry's work - very inspirational. I also followed the link to her website.
Also thank you for the artist inspiration links - I am thinking that perhaps there is a touch of Cy Twombly there as well.