Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tim Mc Farlane's Studio

Last week artists, Pam Farrell, Ravenna Taylor, David Foss, Tim McFarlane and I got together in Philadelphia. First stop was David Foss's solo show, Exits and Entrances, at the LGTripp Gallery. Later we went up the street to Tim's third floor walk up studio for some snacks and a look around.

This is the sign above Tim's door in his studio. As I looked around I could
that see he follows this advice.


Paint everywhere....

and tools, materials, books, unfinished and finished pieces.

Dave and Tim.

Great fun,Tim. Thanks for having us.


Pam Farrell said...

Thanks for having us Tim...Very nice visit! Great to see your work--lots happening there!

Jen Bradford said...

Fantastic - love Tim's work! Thanks for sharing the studio pics.

Nancy Natale said...

Great photos and an intimate look at Tim's studio. Thanks for posting, Lisa, and thanks for giving us a peek, Tim. The work looks wonderful - full of life and exploration, just like th sign says.

Tim McFarlane said...

Thanks for posting this, Lisa! It was great having you guys over. It's good to be social in the studio once in a while. Thanks to Pam for the snacks and lending a piece to be reworked.