Friday, December 3, 2010

Studio VIsits: 10 Great Paintings,10 Artists Studios

A big thanks to John Seed,who not only was kind enough to include me in his Artist's Palette Project, but used my "in progress" studio shot as the lead in for his Huffington Post blog entry.
Here is the link to see all the wonderful palettes and painters.

John Seed

John Seed

Posted: December 1, 2010 01:13 PM

Studio Visits: 10 Great Paintings, 10 Artist Studios (PHOTOS)

2010-12-01-pressman_full_studio.jpgAbove: The lively chaos of artist Lisa Pressman's studio reflects her creative energy
PS Those two paintings look completely different now
Looking into an artist's studio is a bit like opening a friend's refrigerator: you are going to learn a lot about them very quickly Since I began blogging on the topic of painters and their palettes I have been floored by the variety of materials my artist friends use, and have also been seduced by the allure of their creative spaces. In this slideshow, there is a painting for every taste and an intimate array of palettes, and studio shots. Looking it over myself, I couldn't help thinking that looking over this slideshow is like eating a 10 course meal prepared by 10 great chefs who let you glimpse their kitchens. Enjoy
PS: If you get addicted to these, check out artist Farrell Brickhouse's "Tables, Shelves and Palettes" on Facebook.
Lisa Pressman: Palette Table
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Lisa Pressman: "My palette was built by my husband in 1986. It has a glass top, a place for turps that can be covered up , a draw for paints, two shelves underneath and it is on wheels. The scraped paint tells the story of many paintings. These days I use Gamblin, Williamsburg, and Charvin paints, R & F pigments sticks, or whatever I can afford. After painting with encaustic for a few years I am loving the richness and freedom of the oil paint."


Pete Hoge said...

i enjoy a beautiful mess.

Professor John Seed said...

You are welcome Leslie. Hope you get lots of great feedback. JS

Nancy Natale said...

Hi Lisa,
Congratulations on being included in this HufPo. Your work looks beautiful on the wall. I'm sure those paintings were only improved after you changed them, but they look great as is in the photo, too.

Mink said...

I love that David Rich was included he was my mentor while getting my MFA and his tables are amazing and his work. I love your work as well Lisa, glad to find your blog, hope to see your work in person someday.

someone said...

nice photos.

Angela Canada Hopkins said...

just came across your work in the article and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!...and seeing the studio too. You must own your studio 'cause I'd never get my deposit back.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

It's fun and interesting to see other artists' work spaces. I love that your palette was made by your husband, and so many years ago.
Great post!