Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lucy Mink's Art Influences

I first saw Lucy Mink's charming paintings on FB. The color, the patterns, the quiet narratives caught my eye.

Her Statement:
I am consumed by combinations of color and form as a visual, abstract diary of my life, where time does not belong to me, but to others.
I am frequently organizing their things while they dance. I am in a situation.

Under Here 19 x 20 1/2 oil on linen on panel

Home 8 x 8 in oil on linen on panel

TheSoundOnTheGround 24 by 22 1/2 in oil on linen in panel

I Need A Place To Put Some Things that We Weren't Allowed To Talk About
19 x 20 1/2 oil on linen on panel

Lucy's art influences:
my kids

What I hear and think about and look at:
David Bowie..... often
The Rolling Stones- 'Get off of my Cloud'
Looking at books with unusual trees with my 4 year old
How a 6 year old sees the world.
What to make for dinner that my kids will eat.
Everything while out walking.

AGoodTypicalSolution 8 x 8 oil on linen on canvas


Anonymous said...

Nice work, nice post. I listen to David Bowie (a lot) too!

deesha said...

Love Lucy's work a lot and have a couple of small pieces of hers. Thanks for posting.

deesha said...

I love Lucy's work a lot. I own a couple of her pieces and enjoy them each day. Thanks for the post, Lisa. She deserves it.

Unknown said...

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