Sunday, February 20, 2011

Since January

The Weight 54 x 48 oil on canvas 2011

This is a painting that stayed in the studio while my show was up last month. I just finished it.....I think.

Time is flying. When I look out my office window thankfully I don't see any snow. I am ready for the twinkle of my spring bulbs and spending time
on my front porch.

Since January, I have taken a bit of time out of the studio. I began taking a 10 week beginning drawing class. I wanted to be a student again and revisit basic drawing. It has been both humbling and reassuring. Still lifes with apples, books, reflective surfaces, perspective, the figure etc. I am focusing on seeing. As you can see I am a bit out of practice.

Last weekend, I did an encaustic painting demo for R&F Handmade Paints at the CAA conference. It was two days of great fun, painting and talking to other artists. I found myself several times totally engrossed with the painting, forgetting that I was supposed to be doing the chat thing. This was my first time at the CAA but definitely not my last. I am waiting to receive my borrowed CDs to listen to several of the symposiums, a few desk copies of art books and also to try some of my sample art supplies. The book area itself was enough to make me hyperventilate but I was controlled and didn't spend any money.

Thanks to Berni from Pan Pastels for the photo.

Talking about hyperventilating: a funny moment in a NYC hotel. After a long day I walked into a very nice small room at a boutique hotel. Very hip, very clean, big TV.............but NO WINDOW! I sat on the bed for a few moments my heart pounding, the truth creeping in. I just couldn't do it- claustrophobia at its worst. Thankfully they had a room with a window. I guess I am an inexperienced traveler not knowing that you have to ask for a non smoking, non pet, quiet room, and one with a window.

My calender is starting to be sprinkled with classes and workshops. In March I begin a new adventure with Arts Unbound which is a non-profit organization dedicated to the artistic achievement of youth, adults and senior citizens with disabilities. I will be an instructor for a master class for emerging artists with mobility challenges who are ready to take their work to a professional level. It is a ten week program with classes, internships and an exhibition. I am looking forward to working for this organization and the artists.

The end of April brings me to
R&F as a visiting artist. In this three day workshop we will be exploring pigment sticks along with mixed media. It is always great to be up in Kingston at their studio and factory. Whether you use their products or not, the tour is informative and the gallery exhibitions are always interesting.

On a personal note, my husband has been building guitars, my older son's band, Caution Children's record came out and my younger son has to decide which college he will attend for art.

Yesterday was Brancusi's
135th birthday!

Here is an
older blog post with some photos from his studio that I took in Paris.


david weir art said...

Hi Lisa
Strong painting , The Weight
nice work

Karen Jacobs said...

Love the variations in the reds... very rich! Beautiful porch pics! I'm also focusing on relearning to draw, have filled several sketchbooks in last couple of years but need to fill lots more. You're right... humbling!

Nancy Natale said...

That painting is great. I love the dark red rectangle - great color and, uh, weight.

Carrie said...

Love the painting, great depth of colour and lovely range of marks. I'd love to have it on my wall!

Lynn said...

Beautiful painting.