Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nancy Natale

Nancy Natale, artist and blogger, sent this post to me almost ready to go so I want to send her a huge thanks. What a treat to be able to see her wonderful new work and get a glimpse some of her influences.

Natale - Bandito, 2010, 24”x24”, encaustic with mixed media on panel

I feel that I have finally come into my own with my work. It’s been a long time getting there, but I’ve stuck with it by working, looking, reading and experimenting. I think I have only touched the tip of the iceberg and there is lots more still under water. My website is here at  Nancy Natale and my blog
"Art in the Studio"

Natale - Three Reds, 2010, each 10”x8”, encaustic with mixed media on panel

Here are some of my influences and the influence has been from the integrity of the vision in addition to the work itself

First of all, Joanne Mattera For providing the information and inspiration about encaustic with her book and her beautiful lush work, and also for being a model for me with her wisdom, experience and energy as an artist and a woman.Here is her blog and her book.
Joanne Mattera, Gemmo, 2011, 32”x32”, encaustic on panel

Joanne Mattera, Silk Road 146, 2010, 12”x12”, encaustic on panel

Other inspirations – not necessarily in order, but what they all have in common is an emphasis on the physical construction of their work and a dark sensibility.

Leonardo Drew
for his use of accretion, for finding beauty in the old, beat-up and cast off and for his devotion to materiality

Lee Bontecou
  for her dark sensibility, inventive use of materials and for being true to her own vision

El Anatsui for his use of accretion to make something so beautiful from nothing

Philip Guston
for daring to change his work so drastically and for painting so honestly. Also for the physicality of his paint.

Brenda Goodman
ditto(Guston) and with extra credit for having to struggle as an artist who is a woman and a woman who is a lesbian

Richard Diebenkorn for his line, color, space and love of paint

Joan Mitchell
  for her color, marks and dark spirit

Ted Larsen
for his complex simplicity of design and love of old painted surfaces

Lance Letscher
for showing me the way


Lynette Haggard said...

Love the work, the women, the inspiration! Thanks.

Debu Barve said...

Beautiful work!
Great compilation of artists(inspirations).

Binnie said...

So clearly thought out! Thanks for continuing the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

An exploration of Nancy' amazing body of work that rang true for me. Thanks for this Lisa.

Joanne Mattera said...

Great post, Lisa!

Nancy, I'm humbled and honored in the way you have included me.

I love all your influences, and I think you've been doing really great, unique work. You have indeed come into your own.

Brenda Goodman said...

i commented yesterday but it didn't go through. thank you so much for including me in your great roster of influences. i'm honored to be here with such good artists. i love your new pieces. so present they are!
all my best

Wendy Wolfe Rodrigue said...

I love Nancy's one-liners, describing succinctly the way these artists and their work have inspired her own vision.

Thank you for an interesting post-

Nancy Natale said...

Many thanks to Lisa for asking me to contribute my influences and to those who commented. You're great!

Hannah said...

This is my first visit to your blog Lisa--and what a great first! Nancy, I appreciate the breadth and depth of the artists who've inspired you--your own work is nourishing to the soul--the "Reds" are good enough to eat.

John Briner said...

Like Hannah, this is also the first time I've visited your blog, and I must agree with her that this is a great first visit. I really appreciate your works of art and I think your influences are indeed impressive. Thanks for sharing these with us. Hope to see more from you!