Saturday, April 9, 2011

April on the Calender

April on the Calender 24 x 24  encaustic

Last Friday, I went to the opening of Conversations at R&F Handmade Paints  in Kingston, NY.  You can see complete blog posts on the show at Joanne Mattera's blog and a visit to R&F at Nancy Natale's blog. 

I was poking around the factory and found a color  I haven't seen from them although I am very familiar with it.  The paint makers make some wonderful mistakes. This one doesn't have a name yet but I am voting for LP green.
A pleasant surprise  on the R&F shelves

Delicious !

Please make some more

I also found a note I sent to Darin  propped up on the shelf.  It was a patch of one lone pigment stick  that I probably found in the special rack. I am looking for it again.  I can recreate the color  but it just doesn't have the same feel as the pigment stick.

I did find  a reference for them while I was taking pictures-the gloves!!

Big Pink

Other Photos



Eileen P Goldenberg said...

I have never been to R&F... will have to make the pilgrimage soon..since I LOVE art supplies and especially wax relalted...did you and Elise have a great time in NY???

Lynette Haggard said...

I like the LP green idea! Need to go visit sometime when I can take a break, it looks like lots of eye candy at RF.

Nancy Natale said...

LP Green is a fab color and so is that pigment stick and glove. Is that their Aquamarine? Remember when they had it as a limited color and then didn't make more?

Your painting is great!


Lynn said...

Gorgeous painting!

Elizabeth Sheppell said...

Love the lushness of the painting and the photos at R&H! Beautiful!

Seth said...

I love April on the Calendar. Wonderful color!

Joanne Mattera said...

Nice post, Lisa. Go good to see you at th opening.We had a good time!
I'm digging that spring green. It is indeed a Lisa Pressman hue. Re the aquamarine: I bought a ton of it when it was available. That's the thing about limited editions; if you like the color, you have to buy a lot.

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