Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hotel Art Fair at the Fifth Annual International Encaustic Conference

               Welcome from Marybeth

 Marybeth Rothman and I participated in the Hotel Art Fair that took place at the Fifth Annual International Encaustic Conference in Provincetown,  the first week in June.

I wish I had taken before and after photos of the room. From  11 to 1 am  on Saturday night we found ourselves using garbage cans, trays, suitcases, towels and whatever else we could find to create some kind of  presentation for our work the next morning. I seem to remember running to my room to grab extra props.
It was a great success for us. We both sold some work, were curated into an upcoming exhibition and enjoyed seeing and talking about our work together and to our visitors.

The only thing we were disappointed in was that we didn't get to spend time seeing all the other work.

Here are some blogs that show more pictures from the fair:

Small Gems encaustic 1-5  6 x 6  each   L Pressman

Left:The Hands of Wickaboxet Seven
encaustic and mixed media
The Hands of Wickaboxet One
encaustic and mixed media
Mary Beth Rothman

Marybeth and I both loved how our worked played off each other, as if the twins were thinking in an abstract language.

What are they thinking?

12 x12 each  ink and wax on paper Lisa Pressman

Quick notes 7 x5  each ink and wax L Pressman


Marybeth Rothman said...

The Hotel Fair was so much fun from start (curating at Midnight) to finish. I loved seeing our work together. Thanks Lisa for this great post.

Debra Ramsay said...

Lisa and Marybeth,
Nice job making the room work. (sry Tim Gunn)

I would pay to see the video of the curating at midnight takes so much longer than you think, right?

Liked the way you created a way to hang your "Quick Notes"

Did you have an info sheet?

Thanks for posting the images. It's inspirational to see how this grew from one room a year ago!

Nancy Natale said...

Your work looked so great together! Congrats on making an outstanding show for yourselves. I'm glad that it was such a success for you both.

lisa said...

Thanks Deb,

Inspired by you and Cora by the way.

Yes, a video would have been priceless as we were running around the room talking about catering, visual levels and if we should use the dirty towels or not. ( we didn't)

We didn't go for the info sheet. We did small price tags with three price points.

Tamar said...

Thanks for providing this tour Lisa. Since I didn't attend the conference, it is a great way to see more of the work of participants.

Kate P. Miller said...

Your room in particular ( along with some others) was quite compelling and you did a great job of transforming a hotel room into a gallery. I enjoyed it immensly, thanks to both of you for the effort!

Joanne Mattera said...

You had a fabulous presentation! It was fun seeing everyone's work, but I was taken with how carefully you'd installed your work and how inventive you were with the installation elements. The works themselves were great.