Saturday, August 18, 2012

Balancing Act

Are you listening? 10"x 8"  oil on board 2012

It has always been a balancing act trying to work, paint, have a family and the rest but lately it has felt extra hard and frustrating. I have been out of the studio so much that I had an anxiety attack the other day. It was one those, I think I will stay in bed and sleep days. But  I told myself what I would tell a friend or a student: "Just get in there, shut the inner voices off and work".  I actually listened.  I took my coffee down to the studio and  decided  to "take stock" and  really look at everything hanging around, which totals to about 25 pieces in various stages. I found a few works that were waiting for me to name  and photograph. These three little paintings are from a group of 8  that are almost done and there are 6 24 x 24's  that are up and ready to be finished. Now I just have to get back in there.

The Pit  10"x 8" oil on board 2012

The Mirror 10" x 8"  oil on board 2012


Lynn said...

Sometimes it can be so hard juggling it all.
The colours in these pieces are gorgeous!

Nancy Natale said...

Wow, Lisa! These have a whole new feeling and seem more deeply emotional. Good for you! I'm sure all that traveling and teaching you've been doing have taken their toll, but sometimes you just have to keep moving ahead and doing what has to be done. These pieces are a good result.

Marilyn Banner said...

I love these, so visceral and deep, psychologically.

Christine said...

The balancing act can be exhausting. I find the longer I am away from the studio, the more resistant I am to getting back(I start allowing things to get in the way, procrastinate, make excuses). Once I am in there something always starts to happen. I have done little to nothing after the excitement and energy generated at the conference. I too had an anxiety attack. I launch my youngest to college in two weeks and then I need to do exactly as you did and just make myself go, no matter what. Wish you were closer, we could crap the whip for each other...:)