Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thinking About Some Favorites

I have been updating my powerpoint about my work for teaching purposes and have been sneaking in some artists that I feel have influenced my work over the years. The power point is still in progress but I am expanding outside the idea of influences to adding work that speaks to me. Here are a few.

Henri Matisse

Eva Hesse

Joan Synder

Ree Morton

Susan Rothenberg

        Alberto Giacometti


Edward Vuillard

Mark Rothko


     Paul Cezanne                

Hannalore BAron


Brenda Goodman

Philip Guston

Hans Hoffman

Joan Mitchell

Jackson Pollack

Brice Marden

Judy Pfaff

Martin Puryear

Paul Rotterdam

Amy Sillman

Julie Mehretu

1 comment:

Alex Smusiak said...

Very nice collection. I'm dig'n the Hoffman.