Sunday, November 11, 2012

Small Work

                                                      10  8" x 6" each oil on board

Somehow I have ended up with numerous small works in progress in my studio. All paintings are hard to make but small paintings present big challenges. The other day I realized how much time, energy, consideration, materials, blood (literally sometimes I say with a sliced finger as I type) sweat and tears  are involved. There is a preciseness and economy of formal elements, along with the decision whether the piece is going to deliver a big punch or a quiet whisper. It is a challenge.

                                Small Gem 4/12  6" x 6"  encaustic

      Small Gem   5/12  6" x 6"  encaustic

      Small Gem  3/12  6" x 6"  encaustic

Small Gem 1/12  6" x 6"  encaustic

                                  Small Gem 2/12  6" x 6"  encaustic

    Small Gem   6/12  6" x 6"  encaustic


CMC said...

You nailed it, Lisa.

Kesha Bruce said...

I couldn't agree more if I tried. The smaller ones are often like a very intense chess match that takes weeks to win.

Sure--They're fun, but definitely a challenge!

davidtmiller said...

I love small paintings and I love these!

Jen said...

/Love the idea of little works of art! They also fit together beautifully.

Ruth Andre said...

Your work is lively and lovely!