Sunday, October 6, 2013

How do you title your paintings? Revisited 2013

I was going through my blog the other day and found a post in 2009 about paintings and titles. I have decided to open up the conversation again. 

Here is artist Connie Goldman on her titles:

"My titles reflect my love of language. I like to learn about word derivations in particular.  I even took a couple of classes in college that were concerned with Latin and Greek influences in the English language.  If you peruse my journals there are some that consist mainly of lists of words, their definitions, and their derivations.  For awhile all my titles were reflective of both the content and the reductive nature of my work.  I used Latin bases such as "Concertare", "Metrum", "Loci", and "Reciprocus".
Since my work is almost always about the tension between stability and change, and since I find the meter and space in language and music to be fascinating I search the dictionary for words that are connected to these things.  I've used "Brook", "Treble", "eddy", and "Current" for bodies of work."  

Brook VI


Phasis X
Treble V


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Trace Willans said...

I like to select words from whatever I am reading while creating works. I keep a journal with me while reading and wrtie them down.