Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Incisive Line

Decipher 15   10 x10  encaustic, L  Pressman

The Incisive Line, Curated by Debra Claffey  including : Debra Claffey, Elizabeth Harris, Lisa Pressman and Amy Weil;  in conjunction with The Ninth International Encaustic Conference Curatorial Program

Opening: Thursday June 4, 2015  Hosted by Gallery 10, Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill, Truro, Massachusetts, June 2015.
Catalog for the exhibition :Claffey-IncisiveLine-catalog-1

“Pressman brings us to paint-laden abstraction. Graphic swaths of chromatic paint form the topmost layer of paintings that ask us to look deep into their surface, where scribed lines and scraped passages form a structural matrix. The broad strokes recall Franz Kline, while the overall markings and dense under lay- ers reference the paintings of Lee Krasner, but the result is uniquely the artist’s own.”
Written by Joanne Mattera, artist, writer, curator and director of the International Encaustic Conference . The Incisive Line. Published in conjunction with The Ninth International Encaustic Conference Curatorial Program.  


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gamemorph said...

Admirations from me. I too like to draw as a hobby. Then I use some my drawings in short fun games :) I have much to learn from big ones though.

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