Sunday, May 1, 2016

Time Changes, Life Changes, Work Changes

A Delicate Balance 30 x 30 encaustic
Yesterday I received a comment on Facebook after posting some work that said " I can't keep up with all the changes in your work" 

My response:  'Time Changes, Life Changes, Work changes"

It is true that my work takes twists and turns. There are shelves of paintings with which I  am  exploring:  structure, color, metaphoric shapes, inside /outside worlds, light, mark-making, scale plus plus.

Using a variety of mediums  inherently changes the outcome of my work also.

Floating 24 x 24 oil on panel 2016
At any given time there are several series going that I keep thinking will eventually end up being addressed in the mother of all paintings. These series are like chapters in a book that I will probably never finish writing.

Recent teaching has provided me with the opportunity to travel which effects the work in surprising ways. It is a matter of being visually open.

Taos Series 1 11 x 8 oil on paper 2016

Taos Series 2 11 x 8 oil on paper 2016

Taos Series 3 11 x 8 oil on paper 2016

Taos Series 4, 5" x 5" oil on panel 2016

Sometimes I wish I could be one of those artists that does the same consistant work over time. A  shape shift here, a corner there, a  slight color change and yet the constant of their work is ever-present. I admire that tenacity and vision.  That structure would seem to relieve the anxiety of the "not knowing" that I sometime experience in the studio.

 It is a momentary wish ! (I think these two pieces show that flip and flop!)

Stacked 30 x 30 oil on panel 2016
Moving Sideways 40 x40  oil on panel 2016

This is a time when I am happy to have had many years of "making" behind me to remind me that I need to continue on my own journey and "all will be well".

Small Gem Series 5" x 5" encaustic on panel

Small Gem Series 5" x 5" encaustic on panel

Small Gem Series 8" x 8" encaustic on panel


Rae Miller Fine Art said...

Great post, Lisa. I am always interested in the surprises your work presents. I've understood the explorations, and admired some very exciting paintings. I particularly enjoyed your Taos pieces. Keep it up!

James Thatcher said...

I was also struck by that comment and didn't find it valid. I don't think it was mean spirited...

Do your work with abandon--you're creating intriguing images, being very productive; you're well represented and are doing an admirable job of living the dream. I've enjoyed following your stuff and look forward to seeing more.

Your work shows your hand.

lisa said...

Hi James !
It was absolutely not mean spirited . It did make me think about my work once again in the context of change. Thanks for commenting

lisa said...

Thanks Rae!!

anna Wagner-Ott said...

Lisa, I do not see you flip flopping from one idea to another. I see a consistency in your work. You have a strong voice which is inspired by your environment. You see through your senses, touch, and vision so the world is not separate but connected in your work. Those Taos pieces are amazing and they are definitely yours and they have LISA written all over them. Thank you for sharing your insights and artwork.

lisa said...

Thanks Anna!

Barbara said...

I like your twists and turns; it is like seeing yorur thoughts.

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