Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What artists have influenced you ? Marie Vickerella

"Outside" 42" x 42" oil

The first person I met when I got to the graduate program at Bard was Marie. She was there for painting and I was there for sculpture. We had neighboring studios for three summers. I remember the smell of her oil paint, hearing the swishing from the brushes on her canvases, our conversations, breakfast every morning at the diner and of course, her wonderful paintings. She is one of the reasons I am a painter.

You can see her work at the Chace- Randall Gallery in Andes, NY. The gallery has a new blog that you see here. She will be having a show at the Thomas Masters Gallery in Chicago, ll. this September.

"Cloister" 32" x 28" oil

"Space Between" 60" x 42" oil

Paint, graphite, wax, and fabric all materials I use to create. Make a mark and cover it up, wipe away and retrieve part of it back. An on going process, helped along by the materials I use, what I see and think on a daily basis. How I allow myself to find the simplest way to put what I see into visual form.

With a minimal amount of shape and line, allowing each, to work off the other to create a sense of tension, or place, at times a sense of suggestion and metaphor. Allowing my daily experience to seep into each painting, just as a viewer looking at a painting, will bring to each painting all the experience from their lives and see the painting from their own perspective.

Painting runs along a parallel line with life. Every mark put down, rubbed away and brought back to create a painting, are similar to events that happen in our lives, which are
put into our memory, add up and are brought back to the surface to create who we are.
It’s a simple process, which when you can rid yourself of the noise and clutter that is attached to life, becomes quite remarkable.

Here are Marie's influences:
  1. Giorgio Morandi
  2. Richard Tuttle
  3. Brice Marden
  4. Paul Rotterdam
  5. Susan Rothenberg
  6. Eva Hesse
  7. Vija Clemins
  8. Agnes Martin
  9. Richard Serra
  10. Cy Twombly
  11. Giotto
  12. Michal Rovner

"Silence the fence around wisdom" 42" x 42" oil

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Stephanie Clayton said...

Her work is so sensuous and lush. I love the soft colors and sense of depth she achieves through application and removal of paint.

I can see why one would be influenced by her work.

I wandered over to the Chase-Randall Gallery for more.