Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Bubele, you are not making bombs here-it is just art"

16 x 16 encaustic LpressmanStill on the subject of influences, I was thinking about artists that I know or have known personally who have the ability to help my work grow and change. One teacher comes to mind quite often and I repeat his advice to my students every time I teach and occasionally to myself when I am fussing around on my work.
Jake Grossberg, sculptor, was trying to show me something with Plaster of Paris and I was very hesitant and timid.
He looked at me and in his Jewish grandfather way said

"Bubele, you are not making bombs here-it is just art"
Later after I had graduated he was encouraging me to go around NY with my work and I told him I wasn't ready.
His words were "Do you think you will ever think you are ready? He suggested that I think of promoting my work like I was selling salami's. Some people like salami, some don't."
He taught me to separate my work from myself and get into a different mind set when promoting......invaluable advice. Thanks, Jake


Jeane Myers said...

extremely good advice - thanks - another wonderful piece :)

d smith kaich jones said...

Bridgette sent me here today to read this post & the one preceding it, and the two of you have saved my life. :) Not to be overly dramatic or anything . . . . Muchas gracias. (I actually read more than the 2 recommended posts & will be back.)

Bless you both.
:) Debi

Angela Wales Rockett said...

This is awesome! I can totally hear it, and it is so wise. Salami...hmmm.

And more great art too!

paula Stark said...

encouraging notes. my general rule of thumb is to show my work just a bit before I think I'm ready.

Heide said...

This is hilarious. Today, I made a comment about Jake and welding-- that he told me that he started teaching because he didn't see any old welders. Someone asked me about him and I said, "He called me Bubele and who doesn't like that?" I thought I'd look him up and this blog entry was the first thing that came up. I am now going to start calling all my students this because I think they'll feel loved if I do!

lisa said...

thanks Heide!
I think I will also.

Rebecca Crowell said...

love it--and after hearing you pass this on to your own students in NC, "people, we are not making bombs here!" I've been quoting you ever since! (in my fake Joisey accent.) It sums it all up, such great advice.