Thursday, May 14, 2009

What artists have influenced you ? Pam Farrell

Here is the work of Pam Farrell, her list of influences and her statement. She lives and works in Hunterdon County, NJ. Her work was recently exhibited at the Morpeth Gallery, N.J. and she is currently included in the Encaustic Works '09 show sponsored by R and F Encaustics, Kingston, NY.

Hypnotist Collector ochre 2 encaustic 18 x 18 2009 Pam Farrell
Just a note: As you scroll through the lists of influences you will find links to artists that you may or may not be familiar with- I have been introduced to a few, so far.

Pam says:
"Here's my list, in no particular order. Ask me again tomorrow and I'll likely give you a different list. Some of these are names of artists whose work I've looked to for a long time, others, more recent"

Kazmir Malevich
Jim Lee
Joseph Beuys
Susan Rothenberg
De kooning
Eva Hesse
Brice Marden
Milton Avery
Gee's Bend quiltmakers
Charles Mingus
Judith Streeter
Aaron Siskind

Ophelia Red encaustic on panel 36 x 36 inches 2009 Pam Farrell

My work explores issues of knowledge, experience, memory, and identity. I am interested in the spaces and places between the cracks of what I know—the areas tenuously marked by indeterminate boundaries.
In a formal sense, I am attracted to colors that are not easily nameable, form that is ambiguous and indefinable. In the work I seek to bring forward traces of memory and experience that cannot be expressed with words. Encaustic—molten, pigmented, beeswax—and oil with graphite are my primary tools for this nonverbal communication.
Pam Farrell

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