Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Something New From the Studio

12 x12 encaustic L Pressman

10 x 10 encaustic, oil L Pressman

18 x18 e ncaustic,oil L Pressman

18 x 18 encaustic ,oil L Pressman


Jeane Myers said...

love these - the first one is especially wonderful

lisa said...

Thanks Jeane,really appreciate the feedback!!

Pamela Farrell said...

L...same for me....the first one is my fav

Anonymous said...

I see the first one as the calmest, with a mysterious door. The second one with the almost letter form strokes, might tell a story... perhaps about a ladder and a tornado. The third and fourth I see as views from above... looking down on the landscape. I really like how the grain of the wood emerges through the waxy layer.

Nancy Jean Tobin said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks again for inviting me to do the guest blog, and for inviting me to see your studio the other day.
It's so exciting to see the direction your work is going! Enjoy the journey.
P.S. I posted a bit about the top ten list on my blog.