Saturday, August 22, 2009

what happens when "I am not painting"

Notes 12 x12 encaustic Lpressman @2009

This past June, after creating work for a solo show, having other pieces out at other places, and sales coming to a slow crawl, I decided to stop painting for a while.

Yes 10 x10 encaustic LPressman @2009

Balance 12 x 12 encaustic LPressman 2009

But, I have two shows coming up in September and October.
So, the juggling act from Texas and Atlanta are coming home.
Now, I get to see all the work that flew out of the studio on deadlines back for a respite, a re-look , and a re-evaluation. Then, they are out again.

Meanwhile, while I "wasn't painting for the past two months", I happen to have 15 pieces done. How did that happen? I think it was the simple act of not doing, of playing, experimenting and no pressure. Three of these were finished after resting and waiting for months for some attention,

The Rooms of Anais Nin 38 x 26 encaustic Lpressman 2009

Thinking Space 26 x 38 encaustic Lpressman 2009

Pink Tie 26 x 38 encaustic LPressman @2009

and the others just happened.

Counting 1 12 x 12 encaustic Lpressman@2009

Counting 2 12 x 12 encaustic Lpressman 2009

Ghosts 12 x12 encaustic Lpressman 2009

What is interesting for me is to look at the three "resting" paintings and the new work together. I know in my mind where I want the work to is the getting there that is the challenge.

Whisper 12 x 12 encaustic Lpressman 2009
And, I didn't even mention that I have two 48 x48 oil paintings going.............that is another post.


layers said...

Oh my gosh!! these are wonderful..
it is amazing what you did by sort of taking a break and just experimenting -- I am drawn to paintings that do not have much color but do have have textures, marks, and the balance you get are all good.

Stephanie Clayton said...

magnificent works. i love the depth and translucency.

a break from painting--i can relate...for several reasons, i'm on a painting sabbatical. when i return to the studio (soon), i'll be doing some smaller works on paper instead of my usual canvas or panel pieces.

or perhaps i'll try your method of "not" painting...and see what happens.

great post, very inspiring words.

elizabeth perkins said...

Wow these are amazing, love the Anaiis Nin piece, Maybe you should make "not painting" a lifestyle. Great work!!

CMC said...

Sometimes we all just need a little 'rest'.......makes what comes out later have a new bit to add to what came before.
Beautiful, Lisa.

Nancy Natale said...

These are way cool, Lisa. Did they paint themselves since you weren't painting? You may be on to something here! I love the color and ratio of marks to space in the Anais Nin one - just great. You are a wonderful non-painter.

Angela Wales Rockett said...


I too am "not painting" at the moment, and I'm starting to feel the most wonderful things wanting to appear.

Zappha said...

Your encaustic work is fantastic. Love it all.

Jeane said...

I love what happens when you're not painting :)

pam farrell said...

nice adventure!

lisa said...

Hey-thanks you all!!

Ian MacLeod said...

Your pieces titled "Notes" and "Yes" and fabulous.

Paul Behnke said...

Hi Lisa,
Just want to say how much I like your work.
I was introduced to it through the Rosenfeld Gallery ----my work was included in the New talent exhibit this year.
I've been getting to know the Philly area for about a year and it always nice to find artists doing good in and around the city.
Take Care,
Paul Behnke said...

Lisa, Congrats on the interview with you. And, if this isn't painting then what do you do when you ARE? I love the lyrics, the poetry and the metaphors with marks and words.

PAPER GIRL said...

Hi Lisa:
Your work is amazing... I really feel a kinship with it... I think it's a simular dialogue I am having in my head with my mixed media papermaking somehow...
Thanks for sharing.


Chris Neyen said...

I'm interested in how these works compare to the posted work of the 12th. I feel the compositions in this newer work are giving the surfaces a little more space to become a bigger part of the narrative. Very nice work.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Somerset Wedding Girl said...

Haha, that's a funny way to not paint, clearly the passion to create runs through your soul!