Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Studio

I am busy preparing a power point for the Fourth Annual Encaustic Painting Conference at the Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Mass. It is called The Encaustic Studio.

It is a national look into several artist's studios that are using encaustic.
It has been quite a learning experience putting this project together, and I have many thoughts, images and information for future blog posts.
Last week I decided to take a few photos of my studio which is in a holding pattern at the moment.
The studio is in my basement.

Walking into the studio from the outside door are works that are in progress or finished.

My setup for encaustic and a pile of small works I have been working on.

Collection of paints and my " intricate" wiring system

The painting table that my husband built for me 20 years ago.

It is a signed piece.
Years of dried of paint

A process shot from a few weeks ago


Style Odyssey said...

you have quite an impressive workspace! a separate entrance is a must, in my opinion. basements and garages make idea studios.
nice to see how other artists work, and organize their space. thanks for sharing, and much success at the Conference! i'd really like to attend this next year.

Pamela Farrell said...

I love your painting table! Evidence of years of hard work....

Nancy Natale said...

Thanks for letting us peek into your studio, Lisa. It's always so interesting to see how other people work. I love your table. Pam's right about the evidence. Imagine how many paintings that table has seen!

I'm so looking forward to your talk and pix about the studio visits at the conference. Not long now.

lisa said...

Thanks Style, Pam and Nancy,
Yes, the evidence of many paintings- I like that!

Jackie Lipton said...

looking good!

Bascha Mon said...

These are great shots. I wish my studio was that organized and had walls to place finished work too.
I like the cubbies for all your encaustic blocks, mine are just in a huddle. Wonder if there is a way to have something like that built as there's not much space to the left of my hot plate. In fact, space is the missing part of my studio. Almost 40 years of work haven't anyplace to go.
Congratulations on your blog and your coming talk. Bascha Mon

Anonymous said...

Oh man! The paints (wax?) behind the wiring system look *so* inviting. I'd love to touch them...they look so tactile. It must be lovely to see them there and feel inspired by the colors.

Tamarise Cronin said...

Fantastic presentation at the conference! I truly enjoyed it!

lisa said...

Thanks Tam!!