Monday, July 15, 2013

A Studio Visit with : Brenda Goodman

I visited Brenda Goodman's studio a few weeks ago and saw these three new paintings. The only question I have is which lucky museum is going to invite her for the retrospective she so rightly deserves? 

Wild Thing-You Make My Heart Sing     50 x72    oil on wood     2013

Kickstart     56 x79    oil on canvas     2013

Jingle Jangle Morning     51 x 58      oil on wood    2013

Brenda also showed me these two paintings that she had just gotten back from collectors. I asked her to write a few words about them as they seem very connected to the new work.

The Cat 1970
"An old friend who I lost contact with many years ago got in touch with me and offered to return a cat painting I did in 1970. It was done 5 years out of art school. She was downsizing the amount of belongings she had. I remembered the painting and even though I hadn’t seen it in over 40 years my emotional connection to it never went a way. Now I have it in our living room and feel so happy to see it everyday."

Breakthrough 1985   
"Two weeks after this event a collector called me and said he was looking for a new home (hopefully a museum) for a painting of mine he bought in 1985 from the Ed Thorp Gallery.   The painting is called “Breakthrough” and indeed it was when I painted it and though I didn’t want to sell it I so badly needed the money and had to let it go.  I said to him I would do anything to have that painting back. We settled on a price.  I bought my painting back and  am overjoyed." 
Here is Brenda's studio:


There is a review of her work  here and here
Thanks Brenda for allowing me to visit and also sending me some better pictures!!


About Connie Goldman said...

Brenda is a modern day master. Her work is technically brilliant yet it comes from the heart. She has my respect and admiration as both an artist and as a friend.

Calvin Pennix said...

Come on with that studio...

lisa said...

it seems as if people are having problems posting comments on this blog.

BhuShu said...

wonderful work. It deserves to be center stage.

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

NICE Work..Thanks for sharing it!
I love your blog and art works.
I am now a follower of your blog.

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indiaartfair said...

Wow, that's fantastic. It's incredible what can be done these days!


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Michelle said...

I'm new to Brenda Goodman's work, which absolutely blows me away, as does her ability to so succinctly articulate various aspects of her process and work. I would happily travel from Ohio to see a retrospective of her amazing work!

Devesh said...


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