Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Team Teaching-The Magic of Artist - Friends, Part 2

Here is a blog post from Cullowhee Mountain Arts about a workshop  I am teaching with my fellow artist and friend Sara Mast Thanks to Norma Hendrix for putting it together!

Team Teaching-The Magic of Artist - Friends, PART 2

 Lisa Pressman and Sara Mast are both known for their work with painting in encaustic medium - hot wax with pigment. When paired together in the classroom, the synergy soars. 

I asked Lisa and Sara to share comments from students who have been the recipient of their Team Teaching. Here are some of their remarks:

“Each day we participated in various movement /energy exercises, which were each lead by an experienced instructor. The day culminated with a group critique and plenty of discussion based on our daily work. Ideas and creativity was constant and free-flowing. The workshop was well organized and I left satisfied with my body of work. The quality of education both Sara and Lisa offer is top notch. I highly recommend an opportunity to participate in one of their workshops, as I personally look forward to the next one!”     Susan Bendas

"Working with Lisa and Sara changed my entire perspective as an artist and catapulted me happily into a previously unexplored direction with my work with all mediums. Intense, exhilarating, fun and freeing - I loved every minute of my workshop with them and you will too!”  Kathy

This is a quote  from a fellow student who participated with Sara and I, in an Encaustic monotype workshop taught by Paula Roland at the International Encaustic Conference.

"One exercise we were assigned(by Paula Roland) was to use a 20-foot Japanese paper scroll, cut to 10 feet, to produce an encaustic monotype. Lisa and Sara decided to work together. They rolled the scroll out onto the sidewalk and continued making marks. They took the scroll out on the grass and hung it on a tree. They rolled it up and kicked it around. All the while they were laughing and appearing to have a great time. Initially I thought this was a very juvenile and sophomoric act. It was not until they brought it inside and piled it on a table during our art critique that I realized that this really became an installation. When they described what had transpired it became apparent that what they did was demonstrate what it means tto collaborate with another artist. They showed all of us an aspect of what it really means to be an artist. It was a wonderful educational experience."   Norman T. Soskel

The workshop with Lisa & Sara was one of the most empowering art experiences I have had in a long time. The energy was unbelievable; so powerful. -

"The atmosphere of the workshop was one of playfulness and serious focus.  Sara and Lisa demonstrated the limitless possibilities of expression inherent in the medium.  It was just what I needed to take back to my studio.  Thanks you again for a great workshop,  you guys are a dynamic duo....."

Lisa and Sara Will be Team-Teaching May 18-23 at Beautiful Lake Logan Retreat Center, 
here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 
Click here for all the details -

Painting with Lisa and Sara is magic.  You will explore your inner process and it's meaning to you and your work.  This workshop will be interactive, and you will grow and learn from these two wonderful teachers.  It will truly bring your work out of any routine or "sameness" and get you to challenge yourself and clarify where you are going with your art and what you want to communicate with it.  Rita

The FUSE workshop taught by Lisa Pressman and Sara Mast was an extraordinary experience for me!  Not only did it take place in the gorgeous and inspiring setting of Sara's private Montana studio (along with very delicious food and other fun activities, too), but the class itself was extremely worthwhile.   Lisa and Sara are both such wonderful instructors -- incredibly talented and knowledgeable artists who are so generous and nurturing toward their students.  I can't say enough about their teaching style.  Both are well established artists and teachers, yet they are very down to earth and approachable.  Whether the students are experienced artists or relative newcomers to the field, Lisa and Sara are able to relate to them comfortably and guide them in the appropriate direction for their skill level.  I came to the FUSE workshop in an effort to deepen my art practice and to open myself to new possibilities in my work.  I accomplished this, and so much more!  Not only did Lisa and Sara teach technique (and lots of it), but content and personal history as it relates to our work were both important aspects of this workshop.  I still have many of the exercises from the workshop in the back of my mind these days, as I'm painting in my own studio.  This experience has led me to new, unexpected and exciting avenues in my work.  I would highly recommend the FUSE workshop, or any taught by Lisa and Sara, to painters who are looking to take their own work to a deeper and more personal level!
Anna Patricia Keller,  participant, FUSE, Art in Motion Workshop,  Bozeman, MT.  Summer 2013


Unknown said...

Sara and Lisa are a great combo and I am sure their class will be exciting!
I just want to point out that the assignment of scroll work, and perhaps some of the images shown, the ones that Norman Soskel speaks of, were done in my workshop on Encaustic Monotypes at the encaustic conference, and that Sara, Lisa and Norman were a part of that. I am not sure, but this may have been their first collaboration and I'm glad it got them off to a good start!

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Unknown said...

It is quite wonderful to see two talented artist gathering together. An immediate result of you chemistry is the impact you had on the ones who participated at the workshop. Sharing knowledge with others should be a very rewarding and fulfilling experiences for all of us.

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