Monday, October 21, 2013

On Titles: Julia Schwartz

For me, the title is often an integral part of the process of making a painting, and in those cases it works in a kind of associative-linking process: perhaps a phrase is repeated while I'm painting, or a song comes to me or I'm listening to a song and that title becomes the title.  I try not to name things head on, but somewhat elliptically (like the work itself).
Examples: Earlier this year, I was making paintings which I referred to as state-of-being paintings. I called one Dummkopf as a way to convey the experience of not thinking while painting, a not-thinking-painting, hence a Dumb-head:

Dummkopf, 2013 oil on board, 10x8 inches

I've also been working on another series of paintings and in that case they are not so much connected to specific states, but convey something like emotional "atmosphere." In that situation, I chose to number the works in a somewhat idiosyncratic way:, 2013 oil on linen 20x16 inches
Editor, artist interview series
Figure/Ground Communication™


Douglas Florian said...

I like how the warm ground peeks through the blue field.

Ankur said...

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