Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On Titles: Tracey Adams

Tracey Adams says:
"My work is inspired by many years of music study and its organization. Words that reference intervals, counting, circular movement, and numbers grab my interest for titles of various series I've worked on over the last 20 years. Visually this translates as patterns and movement. Sometimes there is an obvious connection with the title, other times, it is more oblique."

Sometimes I use a title of a musical composition that visually conveys something musical as in the Lumenis series (Lumenis 23, encaustic, oil and collage on panel, 40x40, 2013). 

Grapheme (Grapheme 3, encaustic and oil on panel, 40x30, 2013) is the smallest unit in a written language and may or may not have any meaning. Many symbols qualify as language systems, including numerical digits.

Radix, (Radix 22, encaustic monotype, acrylic, cold wax on panel, 36x36, 2012) for example, references a numeral system. In this case, the connection is more oblique.

An older series, Revolution, (Revolution 3, encaustic and monoprint on 4 panels, 30x30, 2006) is a more obvious connection.


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Diane McGregor said...

Love these ideas for titles - and the work is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, Tracy and Lisa.

Francesca Salvati said...

definetly love your style

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its cool boy

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